Welcome to Denmark, Maine

Purpose of website

The purpose of this web site is not only to promote the upcoming book of Denmark, Maine Past to Present, but to make historical Denmark information available for everyone.

The book, the project

Denmark, Maine - Past to Present 2023 or 24 (edition)

In 2023 I came across a pamphlet titled Denmark, Maine - Past and Present. It was a brief history of Denmark. I was fascinated by this booklet. It was done by three individuals in a short period of time for the Denmark Centennial in 1776. There was a lot of good historical information provided. Realizing there was also a lot of historical information that was not included, I realized that wanted the opportunity to redo the book and update the information to include everything not previously included. I also wanted to add more photos. I started digging into the history of Denmark, talking to the locals, and going through the archives in the Denmark Historical Society. Within two weeks, I realized there was going to be over another additional 100 pages of information to add to the previous pamphlet. Realizing this was too much information for a pamphlet, I realized this must be a book.

This project all started rolling in about April 2023 and has been non-stop since then. Itís a labor of love and maybe an obsession for me.

How you can help

This book is a labor of love for the Denmark community.
We need to document the history of Denmark and any photos we have now before they are lost.
  • If you have any history that you know of and would like to share, please reach out
  • Share it now to pass on to future generations. Don t bring it to the grave with you
  • If you have family photos of historical Denmark or its people and families, please reach out
  • Even current photos would be appreciated
  • Here is what we need or are looking for:

  • Historical documentation or information on Denmark, homes, farms, families, businesses, etc.
  • Historical photos of Denmark, homes, building, landscapes, people, families, etc.
  • Photo s, we can not emphasize photos enough. So may times photos end up getting thrown away.
  • Any help with research and writing articles, if you have time and can do this, let me know.
  • If you can think of any other way that you can help, please reach out.
  • Who you can reach out to

    Click on the Services tab to find contact information

    Do you need help getting documents and photos to me, I can help you, just let me know.

    Click on the Services tab to find out how we can help you.